October 2019 circulation

Anyone interested in the circulation patterns this year will have no doubt noticed like me the anomalous positive anomalies in MSLP over Greenland. This is in my opinion one of the main reasons why summer 2019 was so poor over northern parts of IONA. Higher pressure over Greenland displaced the normal Icelandic low south into mid-Atlantic and the same thing happened again during October. As you can see the largest positive anomalies (+8.5 hPa) extended east from Greenland to the north of Iceland and then northeast ontowards Spitsbergen. Meanwhile a belt of lower than average MSLP extended from the central North Atlantic ENE across IONA into NE Russia. This belt of lower than average pressures describes the path that many of the extratropical lows followed during the month.

I fully expected the positive anomalies to disappear once we went into Autumn, but higher than average pressure have persisted into October, which could spell a quite wet and stormy outlook for much of northwest Europe, and potentially cold across northern parts with easterly winds if they continue.

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