October 2020 – circulation

October 2020

It’s no big surprise why October 2020 was so wet across IONA when you look at the MSLP anomalies across the northwest of Europe. MSLP was lower than average by 5.6 hPa across the North Sea, and much higher than average across the central Atlantic (+5.9 hPa) and the Arctic Ocean south of Svalbard (+8.2 hPa). These anomalies all combined to extend and elongate the Icelandic low eastward across the Atlantic and north of Scotland. Anomalies this October are somewhat similar to those in 2019 although the Azores high and the high over Kazakhstan are more prominent this year. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the circulation patterns in October were always seen as a precursor to those in the coming winter. Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

October 2019
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