Only Tomasz Schafernaker could ignore a low of -16.7°C and 70 cm of snow

The one thing that Tomasz Schafernaker never does is fail to amaze me. In his lunchtime forecast today, he completely ignored this mornings -16.7°C at Altnaharra, the coldest night in the UK since 2010, or the record 70 cm of snow that’s fallen at Braemar. Instead he chose to focus on the chances of some blowing snow over the Channel Islands later today, and a possible minimum temperature of -8°C in central London on Thursday making it the coldest night there since 2010. In passing he also explained at some length that high pressure was building to the north during Thursday, and the resulting subsidence was going to ‘dry out the air’ and kill off the showers, whilst at the same time explaining the old phrase ‘too cold to snow’. You can’t accuse him of not mentioning Scotland because he started with a picture of Glasgow in the snow, before going on to elaborate about the amber warning for heavy snow that was still in force for much of the central belt. He also talked about his snow streamers and the ‘intermittent showers’ they produced – but aren’t all showers intermittent by definition? I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a weathercaster break so many rules as this guy does and get away with it. I’m sure that to many viewers he is totally charming and endearing, but to me he is totally exasperating in a similar vein to Chris Fawkes.

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