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Both the BBC and UKMO forecasts underestimated the warmth across Scotland as temperatures reached 19.0°C in Edinburgh Royal Botanic gardens this afternoon. That’s the warmest day so far this year, not only in Scotland but for the whole UK. The models were certainly generating too much low cloud across eastern Scotland today, on a day of sunny spells. Subsidence around the high, and help from a foehn wind off the Grampian help boost temperatures to produce some exceptionally high maxima across Lothian, Fife and Stirlingshire this afternoon. It feels strange to report for once that Edinburgh was as much as nine degrees warmer than London today.

4 thoughts on “Oops”

  1. Are you sure the wasn’t someone having a BBQ next to the screen !!

  2. Gareth Heathcote

    Do you think the lack of the forecast cloud will continue into the weekend? I have a walking trip to the Mullardoch Munros planned for Sunday and it will be nice to have some views!

    1. Hi Gareth

      Looking at the latest models the chances of having a view look marginal.
      Pressure is still relatively high and like today the direction of the flow and shelter is crucial.
      Winds are backing in the next 48 hours into the and those Munros could benefit from a little shelter ro their west.
      The good thing is that although it may be rather cloudy, it should about stay dry with light winds and still be on the mild side.
      I’d need a few more trial walks under my belt before bothering you if I could tag along!


      1. Gareth Heathcote

        Thanks Bruce, I will take dry! I am heading out with the Inverness Mountaineering Club for the first time so that should be fun. A few traverses of the Cat’s back should set you up for something higher soon!

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