Phantom front finally gives up the ghost

Yesterday’s phantom occlusion that was supposedly edging down from the north across northern Scotland in the UKMO analysis charts finally gave up the ghost in the 00 UTC chart and has now departed this world. Not that it there was any weather on it, or for that matter much cloud either. It was just another figment of the imagination of Mr Occlusion that was never really there at all. I looked out late last night to see if I could catch a fleeting glimpse of it and all I saw was the moon shining bright on some scattered stratocumulus over a frosty Ross-shire. I don’t know why any of this surprises me because for some reason there’s little in the way of continuity in their six hourly analysis charts, fronts grow, shrink and go backwards with alarming frequency, it all looks very scientific but not really. I thought I was stubborn but at an organisational level the Met Office take some beating.

What do you think?

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