Piteraq produces mean speeds of 79 with gusts to 112 knots

You may remember the story I wrote about the incredible pressure gradients over eastern Greenland in a series of Met Office forecast charts I published on Monday (6th of January). Well I kept an eye on the observations from that part of the world and today I noticed that the 07 UTC observation from the AWS on Ikermiit island was reporting a mean speed of 79 knots (Beaufort force 13) with gusts to 112 knots in a hurricane force northwesterly. To it’s credit the Dane’s do produce regular hourly SYNOPs for Greenland, which is more than Iceland can be bothered to do, but unfortunately the wind data is missing for just about every other hour, no doubt due to the dreadful conditions there at the moment. In the last 30 hours the temperature in those hurricane force winds have varied between -13 and -18°C, with a wind chill (JAG) as low as -37°C at times. Well done to the Met Office model for spotting the likelihood of these piteraq winds occurring over eastern Greenland today.

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