Please tell Phil Avery he’s not quite right

Courtesy of BBC

I was only saying the other day that this old blog of mine seems to have some secret voyeurs down in my old place in Exeter. It also seems to be providing some of our weather presenters with inspiration for some of their stories on the BBC News channel. Perhaps my delusions of grandeur about the audience I reach are just that, never mind. I covered this story of the intensity of the anticyclone over this coming weekend yesterday, but Phil Avery made it his theme in the 2.30pm weather slot on the BBC news channel today. He mentions that the last time pressure was as high was in January 1992, so I thought I’d take a look and see what I could find. Because the archive of analysis charts from the UKMO doesn’t start till 1997 I couldn’t use that, so I thought I would plot a chart from my SYNOP archives. He seems to be referring to the 26th and 27th of January 1992, because at 00 UTC on Monday the 27th the pressure from the Met Office AWS at Trawsgoed in West Wales was exactly 1050.0 hPa, and there seems little reason to doubt the veracity of this observation. Can someone please tell him that his data is not quite correct and should read 1050 hPa.

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