Possible periodicity in cold Januarys in northern Scotland – and when does a new decade start?

I thought that I had stumbled on some periodicity in January temperatures for the north of Scotland. There is a tendency for cold January’s to occur at the start of a new decade, this one for instance and the one in 2010, 1991 and 1981 also fit quite nicely. Finding periodicity and singularities in temperature records is a bit like turning base metal into gold, or trying to find the holy grail it can never happen, but for some reason it doesn’t stop our eyes looking for patterns which they are pretty good at. Then that got me to thinking about if 2020 was the first year of this decade or is it this year 2021? Apparently it all depends on the context there being no year zero in the Gregorian calendar. You can read more about the subject here in the Farmers Almanac. What ever happened to Old Moore’s Almanac which my old Mum used to buy? Here are it’s predictions for 2021 only one of which is weather related, the others are either ambiguous, speculative, obvious or about so called celebrities that you’ve never heard of, I particularly like the last one.

  • We’ll have a pregnancy announcement from Jennifer Lawrence
  • J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez will split
  • Russian interference in the Brexit referendum is in the news again
  • A large city is evacuated when forest fires burn too close for comfort
  • There will be a  series of terrorist attacks in Europe
  • It’s a record-breaking summer in Europe with water shortages for Germany, Italy and France.
  • Barron Trump is in the news for the wrong reasons. Expect a scandal.
  • There is a risk of a nuclear accident
  • New developments in farming will enable us to grow crops in desert conditions
  • We are reaching peak political polarisation – the situation will begin to improve after 2021
  • The price of oil will temporarily rise and then decline
  • Rapid Covid testing becomes an essential tool in Ireland’s efforts to return to normal life
  • Zero-carbon shipping becomes possible
  • A nuclear fuel facility is found to be illegally developing nuclear weapons
  • Exciting signs of alien life come from beyond our solar system

You can always tell when a cold spell is coming to an end the stories on xmetman get even more eccentric and frivolous.

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