Problem years in the global warming debate

There are certain problem years that come along every so often that cause climate scientists to contact the Department of Odd Climate statistics down at the UKMO in Exeter. Global temperatures in 2016 is an annoying year because it was just too damn warm, and despite promises that each successive year since then will be warmer, it’s just not happened, and may not happen this year. The other problem year is with regard to Arctic sea and the 2011-12 season when it reached its absolute lowest minimum since the start of the satellite records in 1979, despite barrage of scientific promises about it’s continual thinning and decline and it’s eventual disappearance in summer by 2035 (if you believe that), Arctic sea ice is making a brave fight of it and just about hanging in there at second lowest for the 20th of August. I can’t say it’s looking particularly healthy but that eight year old lowest minimum record looks safe enough for another year.

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