Rain check for Dennis

Here are my latest rainfall radar accumulations estimates from 12 UTC yesterday for storm Dennis until 10 UTC this morning. All hell as broken out at the Met Office and they’ve issued a late and rare red warning for the heavy rain over the hills and valleys of south Wales for 0610-1100 UTC this morning, more of that later. There are extensive areas of 75-100 mm accumulations, with quite a few purple pixels indicating totals in excess of 100 mm in places, they are in the usual places, the hills and mountains of western Scotland, Lake District, North Yorkshire moors, Pennines and Wales. Meanwhile most people living in East Anglia and northeast Scotland will be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Saturday’s total [00-24]

Looking at Saturday as a whole just shows you what a narrow field of view the Chief forecaster must have at the Met Office. It rained yesterday just as heavily over central Scotland as it did over the Lake District or Wales yet there was no amber warning for heavy rain here, not even a yellow warning. They were so caught up with flooding and liaising with the EA for England and Wales, they didn’t have time for anywhere else. Obviously heavy rainfall and snowmelt doesn’t affect this part of the country like it does the others. To me it’s just more evidence of Scotia Myopia which seems to be endemic in the thinking at both the Met Office and Meteogroup, right from the mighty Chief down to the lowly weathercasters.

It’s good to see that Scotland has not been completely forgotten, as the same shift that put out the red warning for Wales, also put out a conciliatory yellow warning for ice this morning, it’s a pity they forgot about the one for rain yesterday.

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