Rain clears northwards

Just call me an old skeptic, but I’m still not at all convinced about the amber heavy rain/flood warning which the Met Office have in force for a large part of central England until 12 UTC tomorrow. The main rain band on the warm front that brought a lot of rain across northwest England overnight has continued to push northwards during the morning, and it’s now dry across much of the warning area. The EA have issued dozens of flood alerts and flood warnings across eastern England for this event. It maybe that this frontal boundary will edge back further south later today. Admittedly as the low complex that is storm Christoph deepens and tracks northeastward across England later today and through Wednesday accumulations will obviously mount up again ahead of the cold front, so perhaps this is the mechanism that will deliver the bulk of the high totals of 150-200 mm that have been forecast.

What do you think?

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