Rain from Alex – day 1

Estimated rainfall accumulations from weather radar

In a previous post I did applaud the Met Office for updating their yellow warning for heavy rain to include Herefordshire (estimated totals in excess of 80 mm), whilst at the same time mentioning that southern coastal counties weren’t necessarily going to be the wettest places. And so it proved to be looking back at the last 24 hour of rainfall from 06 UTC on Friday. On a very wet day almost everywhere across the south one notable wet area proved to be in a band extending westward from Essex, through Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire and on into Oxfordshire, with the highest totals in the range 50 to 60 mm from weather radar imagery. The estimates verify well, especially so with the 61 mm reported at Rothamsted. Although it was a windy day along the southeast coast of Cornwall they did escape much of the rain.

Courtesy of UKMO
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