Rainfall estimates for storm Dennis

I finally spruced up my Web Radar application to be able to cope with more than 24 hours of 5 minute radar images. Instead of loading them all at once I process them one at a time and just keep a grid of all the total accumulations. I’m still experimenting with the colours that I use for the pixels, and I have extended the scale to cope with values of up to 225 mm, several mountain sites in Scotland were in excess of this in the chart for the 67 hour period for Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday. There is no reason why I can’t generate estimates for periods of a week or longer if I’ve downloaded the tiles. It seems to have captured the 125-150 mm totals in South Wales quite well. I still can’t believe the Met Office didn’t issue any warnings for heavy rain in Scotland, mind you we have a couple of centimetres of snow on the lawn at the moment, and there’s no ice warning in force for that either.

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