Rainfall from low Dana

This is a chart of rainfall accumulations for the last 24 hours (06-06 UTC) derived from the five minute weather radar images from the UKMO DataPoint web service. Low Dana certainly put a bit of rain down as it sped northeastward across the country, I’ve just done a bit of an annual service on my old web radar application which is getting on for ten years old now, it needed a bit of attention in some areas and the code is a bit tricky to get back into after all that time. The estimates I got, at least for yesterday, look fairly good, although I don’t believe the actual reported 06-06 total from Kinloss. I can now produce a hyetograph for almost anywhere in the UK for any period, and I now have a lot more confidence in the results that I produce, I’ve included the one for the top of Cairngorm as a bit of a test below.

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