Rainfall in the last 24 hours

The south and southwest seem to have got away with very little rain in the last 24 hours by the looks of my rainfall estimates from weather radar. The bulk of the rain from low Juliane up until now seems to have fallen northwest of the river Spey in Scotland, and would explain the flooding on the A9 in this mornings media chatter on the internet. I have heard on the dark web that there are ongoing talks about piping water out of Loch Ness down to the parched southeast, but so far no one has been able to convince Boris Johnson, or more importantly Dominic Cummings, that there are a few mountain ranges in the way, when they eventually did convince Dom he is reported to have said “there are a lot of empty oil tankers floating around at the moment not doing much”.

Benson managed 0.2 mm uptil 06 UTC this morning to add to the 0.6 mm they reported yesterday so their gauge looks to be clear now.

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