Recent accumulations of rain and snow in northeast Scotland

Estimate precipitation accumulations from weather radar

Yesterday was what the Scot’s term dreich and it certainly was in Easter Ross. The northeast of Scotland was in the firing line for yet some more wet weather coming in from the east with accumulations in the wettest places well above 80 mm since midnight on Friday. As you can see from the webcam overlooking the base station on Cairngorm the snow level is around 2,000 feet at the moment so any accumulations will have been of snow rather than rain above that height. The heavy rain below 2,000 feet was no doubt responsible for yet another rail closure due to a landslip, this time between Aberdeen and Inverness this morning, it’s no wonder the UKMO extended their yellow rain warning till noon. I see from the latest NWP that another depression is likely to do a repeat performance on Tuesday, by that time the Grampian mountains will be under half a metre of snow I shouldn’t wonder. The high totals from the heavy snow across Lincolnshire yesterday afternoon stands out well (see spiralled rain bands in radar image), as far I can tell this put a good 5 or 6 cms and forced the UKMO to issue another unrehearsed yellow warning for snow.

Hourly rainfall estimates
Heavy snow over Lincolnshire
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