Recent heavy rainfall in Cumbia and the Isle of Man

I don’t think that I’ve ever mentioned the Isle of Man before in an article but today’s very heavy rainfall and flooding over there and Cumbria does merit a closer look at the estimated accumulation from the weather radar images. The accumulations are large to say this is only for the 18 hours since yesterday lunchtime. There must have been some sort orographic enhancement from the strong E’NE winds along the east coast of the Isle of Man, where accumulations are just over 50 mm. This wet spot is dwarfed by the one to the east over the northern Lake District in Cumbria though, with estimated totals there in excess of 100 mm here, it’s no wonder that the A6 was closed due to flooding.

There’s certainly been a lot of heavy rain in the northwestern parts over the past week.

Ronaldsway in the south of the island seems to have escaped the worst of the heavy rain.

I know from the TV news that an amber warning was issued for heavy rain by the Isle of Man Met office. I see too that the Met Office currently have a yellow warning in force for heavy rain from showers in England and Wales south of ~53° north, hopefully they also had one in force for the rain earlier today across Cumbria which has now lapsed, but with no archive of warnings who knows. Personally I can’t keep track of the yellow warnings issued for heavy rain recently, but you would have thought from some of the pictures of flooding that you see on social media that maybe one or two should have been amber rather than yellow!

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