Recent rainfall totals

The rainfall of the last few days has caused quite a stir and broken the “drought” in eastern England. Here is the estimate of rainfall for England and Wales for the 10-11th of June 2019.

When I produce these estimates I use 5 minute low resolution radar images from the Met Office and I make an assumption that it will rain at that intensity (the colour of the pixel) for the full 5 minutes. In showers that won’t always be realistic, so I have three settings go guess at a five minute total low,medium and high. By default I use medium, but for this chart I used high to try and capture the larger totals. Even so the 66.8 from Wainfleet is still a bit low – and don’t ask about the dry slot over Wyton! Take it with a pinch of salt it is an ‘estimate’ after all.

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