Regional presenters are just as bad as the national ones

Kawser Quamer presented the weather on BBC Spotlight in the Southwest until David Braine got her a posting to Scotland. It does make you wonder if she hadn’t looked at the pictures from Weather Watchers today she would have known that any snow had fallen today across the country. To be fair, she did stick to her script, even parroting the 200 to 300 metre snow level mentioned in the belated yellow warning from the Met Office. She, like Darren Bett, couldn’t have taken a second (or even a first) glance at the latest SYNOP observations before going on air “-3°C or -4°C” as a minimum when Altnaharra had already dropped to -6.7°C at 18 UTC. It does make you wonder what these regional BBC weather presenters do with all their time.

Courtesy of the BBC
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