Repeat performance

This cold snap looks like the start of a recurring spell of northwesterly outbreaks forecast for the first half of April across IONA. The next in the sequence arrives late on Thursday across the north. It won’t be as cold as this one, with it’s brief interjection of sub 510 dm thicknesses, more of a broad trough of sub 528 dm thicknesses brought down in the northwesterly flow. Looking at the later frames of the NWP from the ECMWF the same pattern seems to reoccur again at T+192 and T+240, but thats science fiction for now. Even so the NWP models did give good warning of this cold snap as I mentioned in my piece about lambing snow on the 24th of March. This is the third consecutive morning in a row that we’ve woken to a fresh covering of snow in the Strath, but the snow showers are still falling (the ones that were supposed to have died out by lunchtime yesterday if you remember in the BBC forecast), lighter so far this morning in comparison to those of Monday and Tuesday, but also slower moving. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many snow showers than I have in the last couple of days, I wish I had tried to keep a tally. This kind of weather would have meant an extremely busy day as an observer at a fast jet station like Binbrook, with weather specials to ATC coming thick and fast.

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