Rest in peace Gravesend-Broadness

I am sorry to have to relate this late peice of sad news, but I’ve only just heard about the demise of the much loved AWS at Gravesend-Broadness on the 30th August 2018. The end came peacefully and quite quickly as the 13 amp plug was pulled out of the AWS by one of the technicians. The Met Office reluctantly decided to shut the AWS because of planned “significant changes to the site.” The quote by Graham Madge a spokesman for the Met Office to me is a slight insight into the arrogance of the organisation in defending a site that was so obviously unsuitable as a climate station since 1995. I suggest to the Met Office, that instead of looking for an alternative site somewhere along the Thames gateway, they would do much better if they re-sited it further inland somewhere in mid Kent, or perhaps deployed it even further north to a site maybe in South Yorkshire, North Lancashire or Northumberland to plug some even bigger gaps they have in their observing network.

Courtesy of Kent Online
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