Roller coaster temperatures

There is a dusting of snow across the garden this morning, but the general snow level is up around 200 metres I guess. This is the second time we’ve seen snow down in the strath this winter, but what’s been noticeable to me is how here in the north of Scotland we have cycled between cold and mild for the last month or more. Nothing new in that of course, getting a very mild day and then two or three cold days, but it does start to wear a bit thin after its repeated itself for the seventh or eighth time. You can identify the spells quite well in these thermographs for Tain and Exeter. I chose these location to see the temperature difference between where we did live in Devon for fifteen years and where we live now. At least here we have seen some snow on low ground, which is more than can be said for Devon, I suppose that’s what you get for moving north by over six degrees of latitude. I just long for a ‘spell’ of weather, and by that I mean a week or more of the same type of weather, and I suppose that’s exactly what I’ve got a spell of mobile cyclonic weather.

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