Rope of cloud

There is a strange rope of cloud with a very sharp edge that curls northward across Ireland in the 1030 visible image. I can’t match it’s shape to an isoline or wind direction at any level in the models using, so it’s answers on a postcard time for anyone who does reckon they know whats causing it. It’s obviously a sheet of medium or high level cloud because of the length of the shadow it’s casting, which seems lower in the Celtic sea than it does further north. The Met Office analysis did have an upper cold front inside the warm sector in their 06 UTC analysis, but that was over four hours earlier, and would have advanced much further east by now. The simple answer may be that it’s the cold front, but if it is then it must be a very weak affair, because dew points are still at 9 or 10°C at 10 UTC across western Ireland.

Courtesy of UKMO
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