Saharan dust

According to the Met Office they say the red in this satellite image in their latest tweet is Saharan dust. I know they have sophisticated sensors to capture dust from their weather satellites, but the red that I see in this satellite image looks remarkably like the cold temperatures from a lot of thick frontal cirrus cloud that you see in any infrared image. Of course they could have CVD and may got mixed up with the purple over the Mediterranean, if not it looks like there’s an awful lot of Saharan dust around.

Low pressure to our NW is feeding S’ly winds into the UK from the Canaries, allowing #Saharandust to be drawn N too. The recent satellite image below shows this in red. You may notice dust deposits on cars & colourful sunrises/sets next few days – captured below by @chris_alpacas

I’ve been reminded that have a much better representation of the extent of today’s Saharan dust.

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    1. Thanks for that. I had completely forgotten what a wonderful resource that site is – but what an odd name?
      I’ve updated the blog and added a link to the site in the menus to remind me.

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