Scotia Myopia Disorder

They’ve allowed Philip Avery back on the rosta at the BBC this weekend and he’s absolutely loving it – pontificating about what he thinks the weather is doing, or is going to do across the UK, or more accurately England and Wales. I would have liked to have captured a screenshot as evidence of how he completely screwed up overnight minimums across northern Scotland in his evening forecast on Saturday, but iPlayer in Scotland excludes the national forecast for some obscure reason. Of course he was totally preoccupied with all the rain falling over southern parts to notice how cold it would be further north, in fact you’re lucky if he mentions the country at all.

He was at it again today on the BBC1 using such phrases as “useful weather to be had” and “half decent kind of day” but never a mention and totally oblivious to the beautiful day Sunday across northern Scotland. The reason for this is very simple – he’s totally blinkered and southeast centric like most forecasters are at the BBC and suffering from a condition I call Scotia Myopia Disorder – it’s hard to believe he was born in Dunfermline toon.

Here’s a picture from late this morning in nearby Strathcarron to underline just how lovely an autumn day it’s been after that early frost – and I guarantee you won’t see this one in BBC Weather Watchers.

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