Scotland sets ‘shocking and unusual’ weather record – it’s no wonder most Scots are pale blue in colour

Sean Batty, the weathercaster for STV, has noticed a curious fact that underscores just how cold 2021 has been up until now in Scotland. It the above news clipping he says that there hasn’t been a single day with a maximum temperature of 20°C or higher in Scotland, and the last time it occurred so late was 38 years ago in May 1983. I don’t get all the detailed weather records that Sean is privy to seeing, but I reckon on the strength of the SYNOP observations I download he is absolutely correct, and that period has extended to the 23rd of May. In fact if the NWP forecast charts we might have to wait until June before we see 20°C. The last time Scotland saw a maximum of 20°C by my reckoning was on the 21st of September 2020. It’s no wonder that Billy Connolly reckons most Scottish people are pale blue in colour.

And here for completeness are the Scottish hot spots in the last nine months.

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