Second amber warning of thunderstorms

Estimated accumulations from weather radar

A second amber warning has been issued by the Met Office for thunderstorms this afternoon, this one for western areas of England and Wales, but unlike last nights amber warning which they got out in good time, they seem to have dawdled a bit with this one, not issuing the amber warning until 1740 BST, I would have thought that they could have anticipated, even just on the strength of weather radar alone, how this batch of thunderstorms (which I mentioned in my poet about the effectiveness of nowcasting had appeared over London at 1500 BST) might intensify in the heat of the afternoon across the Cotswolds. It’s interesting that the last one that the amber warning they issued for eastern Scotland had a lower impact that this one – obviously all down to the density of the population in the algorithm they use to assess the impact of any event. I don’t like the look of the batch heading this way from northern France at the moment – it could be a busy night in Exeter.

Courtesy of the UKMO
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