September 2019 circulation

Data courtesy of NCEP reanalysis

September 2019 started in a fairly mobile and cyclonic frame of mind, and ended the month in that way too, but there was a brief anticyclonic interlude mid-month from the 13th to the 21st that served to remind us how lovely September can be. Interestingly the mean pressure for the month was higher than average across Greenland again (+3.8 hPa), and it was also higher to the west of Iberia and France (+4 hPa), these anomalies between them tightened the W’SW flow across the Atlantic at 50° north keeping mobility high. Looking back through the records the last anticyclonic September was back in 2014, and at a quick glance it looks like that was also the last mainly anticyclonic month of any month across the British Isles as well.

Images courtesy of UKMO
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