Shock horror! Clouds obscure the sun over London – and why is it raining?

Clouds have been reported to have blocked the sun across parts of the southeast this morning. The shock news has rocked many southerners who had been thinking that summer had come early to the metropolis. A spokesman from the Met Office said that the cloud had caused a drop in temperature but it was still expected to reach 21°C today. Tomasz Schafernaker, as predicted, has gone into overdrive about tomorrow’s rain across the south in his lunchtime forecast to the exclusion of many other places in the UK. It always seems when the weathercaster talks about bad weather in the south that the whole country gets tarred with the same brush, despite the weather looking set fair in the north for a change. Some “hit and miss rain”, or as Louise Lear likes to call it some “nuisance rain”, is also now falling across parts of central southern England this afternoon, breaking a drought that had just set in there.

It seems that whatever model Meteogroup are using at the moment, it hasn’t got a handle on this small area of rain falling from medium level cloud at lunchtime over parts of Hampshire, as Tomasz continues to spout on about how the afternoon will be dry with plenty of sunshine – oops. The trouble with taped weather forecasts that are now the norm during this Coronavirus crisis is that they may have to run for many hours, so the initial forecast has to be correct, otherwise you can get egg on your face repeatedly all afternoon.

Regarding the weather on Saturday, Tomasz finally chips in with a comment about the fine weather across Scotland, but he couldn’t resist adding a rider about that it would be cool here – feint praise indeed from someone with a severe case of Scotia Myopia like he has. I wager that the warmest place in the UK over the weekend could well be found in parts of western Scotland, and not to take any notice of that 11°C label that the Meteogroup graphics engine continually likes to plaster across the mainland.

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