Six inches of partly cloudy

Courtesy UKMO

One of the few areas in Scotland that wasn’t covered by a yellow snow and ice warning from the UKMO yesterday was Caithness, Sutherland and Ross-shire. I still can’t get over the lack of foresight that the great Oz showed in this regard. In our part of Easter Ross there were already several centimetres of snow lying from the showers that fell just before dawn, and the daytime maximum never got above 1°C so there wasn’t only a slight thaw. It started to snow lightly again during the evening for a couple of hours and despite temperatures remaining above zero little settle at 60 M amsl. At Loch Glascarnoch just off the A835 road to Ullapool it also snowed quite heavily from 16 UTC putting down an additional of 5 cms snow to the existing covering. Additionally overnight temperatures fell to -6°C quite widely across this excluded area. What prevented the great lummox chief forecaster from simply extending his snow and ice warning warning northward to cover the rest of the northwest Highlands (and fixing his typo) will remain a mystery lost to time, but at least now that I’ve documented it for posterity to judge, I feel much better for it.

Hourly observations from Loch Glascarnoch
Estimated accumulations from weather radar during the period of the warning

This weather radar image showing the extent of the snow that’s falling this morning says it all I think.
And as of 11 UTC there is no ice or snow warning in force for this part of the Highlands.

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