Snow for Edinburgh?

I would imagine that there’s a reasonable chance of snow for Edinburgh later this afternoon and evening from the showers that are edging down from the northeast off the North Sea. They do seem to be clumping together into a more coherent line at 1415 UTC, and they do look to be fairly lively. I also notice that the snow and ice warning which starts as late as 18 UTC this evening excludes most of Edinburgh! The million dollar question is of course will these showers fall as snow? Temperatures across the city at present (14 UTC) are close to 1°C and winds are light southwesterly. Outskirts of the city are well above 100 M amsl so there’s a distinct possibility that these showers, which are quite slow moving, might need to be heavier to cause any impacts. (published at 1430 UTC)

Courtesy UKMO

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