Snow level falls overnight

The snow level has fallen to around 2,000 feet overnight across the northern Cairngorm as you might expect. Further west where they’ve seen much more potent showers, snow must be accumulating thick and fast in the last 24 hours. Snow on the mountains and not in the glen looks likely to be the theme for this winter again. I’ll have to bite my tongue again today because it’s highly likely that Nick Miller or one of his motley crew may mention wintry showers over the hills of Scotland again today.

24 hours estimated accumulated precipitation from weather radar

Apologies for the unfinished bit of software development below, but it does give you a better idea of the estimates for accumulations on the mountains, although they may be a little on the high side because of the nature of showers and the fact that I can only access 5 minute radar imagery. Having said that 25 mm of rainfall does equate to a fair bit of snow, most of which I’m sure will likely been blown off the tops producing corniches in the process and collecting in the cracks and the corries.

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