Snow, what snow?

Interestingly the Met Office have chosen to completely ignore the threat any overnight snow might pose for central and northern Scotland, although that’s not stopped them issuing three separate yellow warnings of rain for the coming week, so it’s good to see they’ve got their priorities right. Personally, if I were the chief forecaster, and in light of the potency of recent occlusions crossing the country I would have at least issued a yellow warning for snow to flag up the impact that snow on higher ground for the early hours of Monday morning might bring. It’s quite amusing to see how Ben Rich (on BBC TV forecast) and Luke Miall (in the Met Office video forecast) skirt quickly around the subject in a similar fashion to how Tomasz Schafernaker did yesterday, although I did notice that Ben did lower the risk of snow from 250 to 150 M as the morning progressed.

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