Snowfall since the start of December 2020

A quick look back at days with snowfall and days with snow lying since the start of December 2020.
I may be a bit premature with this one because we could well see some spring snow in the next week or so.

4 thoughts on “Snowfall since the start of December 2020”

  1. Interesting numbers, how do they compare to other winters? We had snow in our garden from 27 Dec to 17 Feb, so 53 days! Is there a definition of what constitutes lying snow or does even a tiny patch count?

    1. Because there are few manual observations anymore I just count the days when there’s snow reported by the sensor.
      I guess that 95% of the ground could be snow covered, but if there’s none under the sensor I can’t count it.
      If memory serves I think the rule is that there has to be half cover or more to count as a day of snow lying.

  2. Hilly South Edinburgh (580’asl), 48 days of snow falling, 38 days of snow cover (>50% ground covered) 0900h and max depth 27cm for that period.

    1. Quite a bit higher than the 16 days falling and 27 days lying reported by the AWS at Gogarbank.
      Being a lot lower than your site at only 187 feet amsl explains a lot of the difference, that coupled with the fact that the snow sensor can’t really report a true state of ground (lying snow) as far as I am aware, and the sensitivity of the present weather arbiter (falling snow). Plus any deficiencies in my programming!

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