So where exactly is this occlusion?

Where exactly did the occlusion that was supposedly over Inverness in the 06 UTC analysis go? It’s certainly not evident in the 0845 UTC satellite image, although the trough that’s following on behind looks to be now showing it’s hand across the Western Isles. It’s a good job they had labelled the elusive occlusion as under going ‘frontolysis’ as a get out of jail. What gave me the clue was the blue skies and brilliant sunshine that we’ve had since sunrise. I reckon the Chief who was on the night shift last night down in Exeter is the one who loves to stick fronts everywhere, especially weird shaped occlusions that drape across the north of Scotland.

Weakening cold/warm front (frontolysis)
Represents a front that is losing its identity, usually due to rising pressure. Cloud and precipitation becomes increasingly fragmented.

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