So why did last week grab the headlines?

5 April 2020 – 27 June 2020
Weekly Mean Temperatures
Courtesy of NCEP Reanalysis data

I am still trying to puzzle out why the last week’s temperatures in Siberia provoked such a furore in the world’s social media channels, when much higher temperature anomalies across Asia and eastern Europe had been observed since before the start of the year? Perhaps it was the daytime maximum above 100°F in the Siberian Arctic circle that provoked them into action? Or maybe the satellite images of the forest fires? Climatologically the +7°C anomalies of last week pale when compared to the weeks of +16 and +19°C anomalies earlier this year. I did remember posting several articles about the exceptional mild spell that had started before Christmas across eastern Scandinavia and western Russia at the end of January, and asking why no one in the media had apparently seemed to notice it it at the time.

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