Solitary ice warning for UK tonight looks a little odd

Courtesy UKMO

The Met Office have just issued a lone warning of ice overnight for the southwest of England. I can’t quite understand why ice isn’t likely to pose just as big a threat in many other parts of the UK overnight. I would have thought that the risk of ice across northern England, where rain is edging down from the north and temperatures have still not climbed above freezing all day, is just as high as the risk in the southwest of England. It seems strange that a larger more general warning for ice for other parts of the UK hasn’t been issued, especially when a frost is expected and roads are still wet from melting snow during the day. I just find it odd that they’ve issued just this single warning – perhaps they’re waiting till I post this before they launch forth. I will never understand the logic behind the NSWWS if there is any.

Courtesy UKMO

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