Someone should tell Ben Rich the showers in Scotland have already turned wintry over high ground

You don’t really have to wait till Thursday for the Arctic blarst of cold air to bring snow to the hills across Scotland as Ben Rich just declared on the lunchtime weather forecast. If he had taken the time to look at the latest observations, he might have noticed temperatures on Cairngorm this morning have been around -2°C, and the temperature at 13 UTC of -0.4°C on Cairnwell would suggest the freezing level is at around 3,000 feet at the moment. At a guess I would have thought that any of the sharp showers that are currently running down in the NW’ly flow off the Moray firth would be predominantly of snow down to 2,000 feet over the northern Cairngorms. All in all its set to be chilly old bonfire night up here.

I like Ben Rich as a presenter, and it’s interesting to see that you can ditch the fixed temperature locations used for the towns and cities if you want to, and choose the coldest spots like he has done here.

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