Sorry for the delay…

Courtesy of Met Eireann

Apologies for the delay about the naming of Sunday’s storm Atiyah. Met Eireann caught me out and had already issued an amber warning for strong winds at 09 UTC this morning and triggered the naming. The UKMO as always are playing it cool and aren’t going for much other than coastal gales with gusts to 60 mph inland woohee!

They are a brave bunch down in Exeter because rather surprisingly they have also left northern Ireland out of the yellow warning for strong wind, even though Met Eireann have gusts to 80 mph in adjoining county Donegal. The tightest flow at midnight is very close to the province in the Met Office’s own T+72 forecast chart (see below), they also seem to have discounted any possibility of gale force northeasterlies around the low centred close to the Shetlands at 00 UTC – but that’s probably all to do with impacts and the fact that the population of the Shetlands is less than 23,000 and doesn’t count for much.

Personally if I had to issue a warning three days in advance, I would employ a broad brush approach and include a larger area to cover any eventuality, then refine and reduce the size of the area during the course of the next couple of days, but thats me.

Courtesy of the UKMO
Courtesy of the UKMO
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