Sour grapes down at the BBC

I think last nights 6.30 pm weather forecast gave us an unexpected insight into the mind of a typical BBC weathercaster. If you get fed up with the extreme cold temperatures recently in the Highlands hogging all the headlines then just don’t mention them at all as Darren Bett chose to do and talk about temperatures somewhere else. Can you imagine during the coming summer Darren saying “So we know just hot it’s been in central London, so it’s worth looking at how warm it’s going to get across northern Scotland” – I don’t think so. This is just sour grapes and is a well known symptom of Scotia Myopia that’s very endemic down at the BBC and Meteogroup at the moment.

Courtesy BBC

I think this is a particularly striking pose of Darren that I captured in this screenshot of forecast temperatures for 06 UTC for this morning. Of course it’s almost impossible to verify forecast temperatures in towns and cities because usually there are no observational values to compare them against, but some of these are just far too warm.

Courtesy BBC

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