South centric forecasts and what constitutes a glorious days weather

The inner Cromarty Firth looking south across towards the Black Isle this afternoon

Some one ought to remind Louise Lear that there are other parts of the country besides the far northwest of Scotland, the southeast of England and Old Trafford. I would also beg to differ with her about where in the country today’s best weather has been and I don’t think it’s necessarily been in the south. Obviously what makes an ideal day of glorious weather is very subjective and not just where the temperature has reached 28°C. I personally, like many others, don’t like very warm and humid weather, and as far as I am concerned the weather across the northeast Scotland today was just as glorious as the weather on the other side of the cold front.

Courtesy of the BBC

As a weathercaster she certainly has a markedly different technique of putting her weather forecast together, unfortunately in painting her picture of the weather across the UK, she leaves large parts of the country out of it altogether. Today as well as not mentioning anything about the weather behind the cold front across the northeast of Scotland, which saw a dry day with long sunny periods, fresher but not at all cold thanks to the sunshine, she also didn’t mention the conditions in the frontal boundary (apart from Old Trafford) and how wet it would be. We now all know what a glorious day it’s been across the south today, as it probably will be tomorrow, but at the expense of finding out what the weather would be like anywhere else in the country.

Courtesy of the BBC
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