Southern parts feeling left out of all the wintry weather further north

It seems to me that the BBC weather presenter Simon King feels people in the south are feeling a little bit left out of all the wintry weather that’s affecting parts of Scotland today, so much so that he’s had to resort to rolling out the old feels like chart to console all his viewers south of the border. Never mind that there’s 15 cm of level snow at Tulloch Bridge, or that the temperature fell to -5.9°C at Loch Glascarnoch at 09 UTC, or that the wind chill on the mountains is less than -17°C, but remember if you factor in the wind it’ll feel just as cold in the south.

He’s quite right about the wind chill of course, as you can see from the 10 UTC chart below, and his reaction is only to be expected from anyone displaying such a severe case of Scotia Myopia like he has.

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