Spot the difference

It’s still snowing across the north of Scotland and if anything here in the Strath there have been more snow showers this morning than they were yesterday morning, and although Carol Kirkwood is saying “they won’t last terribly long” – they are. She also loves that phrase “wintry showers”, come on Carol repeat after me “SNOW showers”, now that’s better, and also much more accurate. And then of course there’s that good old line “when you add on the strength of the wind” which is pretty galling with temperatures of 1°C, especially when Carol goes onto add that this means it will be “a cool day ahead”. She finishes off by not saying a thing about how much milder it will be on Thursday, but does end by saying that “for all of us for this weekend it is going to feel cooler”. You would think that someone who is native to the Highlands would be more in tune with the weather we’re experiencing up here at the moment. I’m writing this with upwards of 7 cms of snow in the garden at lunchtime on the 6th of April. Below is an image of precipitation in the above map area since 06 UTC yesterday morning for each of the eight intensities. You can see the diurnal variation due to heating over the land has on the extent of the showers.

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