Spot the only part of northern Scotland without any snow

Courtesy of NOAA

Remarkably the only part of Northern Scotland that seems to be free of snow today is the inner Moray Firth. Unfortunately in the west that snow free area is where we live. The final insult is that the snow showers running westward through the Moray Firth today are keeping just to the north of Ben Wyvis, and apart from a slight dusting overnight, we haven’t seen any fresh snow for over a week. That’s not to say that the majority paths are clear, on the contrary, they are all covered in the remains of the frozen snow from the weeks before, and liberally covered in a thick coating of ice making them impossible to walk on without some form of ice grips. Winter 2020-2021 will go down in my memory not just because of the lockdown, but for the long lasting ice that we’ve seen rather than for any snow.

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