Spot what’s missing?

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This is the current state of the warnings board down at the nerve center of our Meteorological Office down in Exeter this morning. You remember the Met Office, the organisation that’s responsible for the national weather service for the whole of the United Kingdom? Compare the images of the weather radar from a little earlier today and the current warnings that have been issued for today – can you spot what’s missing? That’s right, it’s any kind of warning for the snow that’s currently affecting the northwest of Scotland. That’s because in their impact based warnings system, the lives of people who live up in the Highlands are seen as less important and less of an impact than people who live in the West Midlands. Today’s warnings is just another perfect example of dozens I’ve seen issued that exemplify the “them and us” warnings system the UKMO hold so dear. Maybe things will be better if Scotland ever achieve full independence and rejoin the European Union and create their own meteorological service I don’t know, it certainly can’t be as bad as this.

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  1. From – Britain a proud seafaring nation with no idea of what the sea temperature is … July 29, 2019…
    “Emily Hutton promises that our users come first, so rest assured that she has it all in hand”.
    Dirty bugger ! (:-))

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