Stav’s frost-free winter

Courtesy of BBC

I don’t have much time for the BBC weather presenters, but I do love their three minute slot on the BBC News channel at 2.30 PM each weekday. It’s always a test to see if I have just the right application to allow me to visualise whatever they’ve chosen to rabbit on about. I can’t believe that the presenters come up with each idea themselves and that there isn’t someone locked in a room back at Meteogroup headquarters furiously racking his brain for pertinent weather and climate stories he can add to his list. I wouldn’t put it past them to scan this blog of nearly 500 articles in the last year for ideas, and this one concerning days of frost they’ve chosen to feature today is a story that I knock out each year myself so it does make me wonder. Stav’s list of frost-free stations looks right, but he’s missing a fair number around the coast of IONA. Anyway, here’s my map of total air frosts so far this winter – remember the maximum is 65.

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