Staying cold for next ten days

The meteogram that I have cobbled together from grid point data from the ECMWF model remains on the cold side for the next ten days or so in Easter Ross-shire. It gets particularly cold after Hogmanay, with the possibility of two more ice days on the cards if this forecast plays out. It’s minus six degrees at Tulloch Bridge at Loch Glascarnoch at the moment (20 UTC) and there’s whole clutch of showers pushing into the inner Moray firth. They should make landfall and any precipitation from them will probably fall as rain on the coast and low ground, but with temperatures sub-zero as they are could produce some glazed ice before things warm up. The temperature here at the moment is hovering around -2°C, so the towns and cities in the Met Office app that I mentioned in an earlier blog which predicted -7°C by 18 UTC looks like it got mixed up the Strathpeffer forecast with the one for Loch Glascarnoch!

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Data courtesy of

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