Still waiting for the much promised ‘colder’ air

Apologies for the colours – still work in progress here

It has been cold and windy this week, with a fresh to strong easterly wind. It started bright enough with sunny spells on Monday, sunny intervals on Tuesday, before turning cloudy with frontal cloud during the day, and although there were a few flurries of snow and a bit of rain or sleet overnight and into Thursday it’s been generally dry.
I don’t have an AWS anymore but I think I can honestly say that temperatures have fluctuated little during the week, ranging from just over 1°C to just under 3°C accompanied by low dewpoints air especially earlier in the week.
The half cover of snow and extensive patches of ice on paths that we started the week with have now mainly thawed and only a few patches remain, which just goes to show how much the ground was frozen by the frosts of last weekend.
The hills to the south of Ben Wyvis that we can see down the strath have remained solid white above 200 M amsl.
Oh, and the other thing is that we’ve been in an amber warning area for heavy snow since 15 UTC on Thursday. And although the NWP models did promise lots of snow, and the Met Office and BBC have been saying how much colder it’s going to get, we are still waiting, and the temperature this morning here is still 1.8°C as it was at 10 pm yesterday evening.
As you can probably tell I am pretty depressed with this weeks weather or lack of it, but I suppose that’s what choosing to live at 40 M amsl and relatively close to the sea does. It should have been a winter wonderland out there, but it wasn’t to be. The last insult is that the only snow we may well see might be on the warm front as it turns milder later in the week.
This last week in lockdown has been rather like being in hell. Instead of burning coals there’s just an amber warning of heavy snow that never came to nothing, and the promise of much colder air that seems to have taken forever to materialise. As Private Frazer  said in Dad’s Army “We’re doomed. Doomed!”.

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