Storm Alex overnight – bark worse that it’s bite

Storm Alex produced an extreme mean wind speed of 47 knots and gust of 101 knots on the islands of Belle Ile-Le Talut off the coast of Brittany at midnight, and storm force gusts on two other island. Although it was certainly very windy overnight across the islands and headlands of northwest France, generally inland Alex was no worse than any other common or garden autumn low at this time of year, and only managed to produce a full gale at seven French coastal stations overnight. On a plotted chart Alex certainly does have a very fiery and intense central core, reminiscent in some ways to a tropical storm, but it’s bark was much worse that it’s bite. Here is a table of the highest highest hourly maximum gust (please fix me).

Excuse the contouring on this 05 UTC plotted chart it hasn’t captured the intense centre of Alex and I should not have tried to draw every millibar but it give you the idea.

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