Storm Bella

Courtesy UKMO

Another rather unmemorable named storm event overnight. A windy night admittedly, with coastal gales along western and southern coasts. The highest gust that I’ve seen in the SYNOPs was one of 83 mph at Aberdaron yesterday evening, although I have seen on the TV that an unofficial gust of 106 mph recorded at the Needles (from an anemometer sat atop a 393 foot cliff) has already been leaked out to the media by the UKMO – what an organisation – I didn’t know whether I should have added a question mark or and exclamation mark to the end of that interjection. As suspected the modest amber warning for strong winds even after it had been amended northward yesterday by the Met Office didn’t extend far enough north across the west of Wales, and the yellow warning failed to include the gales and storm force gusts at South Uist and Tiree.

2 thoughts on “Storm Bella”

  1. On Anglesey we never had 8.5 hrs of gusts over force 10. we had a few big gusts between 18.00 & 21.30.
    As far as we can see it was an uneventful strong gale NOT a raging storm !!

    1. I did think that the UKMO should have extended the amber warning north to cover all the western coastline of Wales.
      My beef with them is their impact based warning system. There is no fixed threshold for strong winds so that makes their warnings impossible to verify.
      To be fair Beaufort force 10 is termed storm force 10, 8 is a gale, 9 is a strong or severe gale.

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